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The light and warmth of a good fire brings people together!
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Your Visit

Holiday Family Traditions Begin at Boulder Brook Farm

Be sure to check the forecast and dress for the weather. We recommend that you wear boots or hiking shoes. Warmth and comfort make your visit more fun! Please be mindful walking around the Farm; the ground can be uneven, or slippery when wet.

To make your visit fun and easy, all included with your tree, we provide:

  • A saw to cut your tree
  • A sled to bring your tree in from the field
  • A trim to your tree’s trunk and lower branches
  • Shaking and baling of your tree for transport
  • Rope, mounting, and tying of your tree on the car
  • Any other assistance you might want

We accept cash and major credit & debit cards, but not personal checks.

To ensure a safe, calm, and sanitary environment for all our guests, we ask that you leave your dog at home.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

You’ve Made the Green Choice!

Christmas Tree farming itself is an environmentally friendly activity. It’s a form of “no till” agriculture, in which the soil is disturbed little, if at all. It provides habitat for countless wild animals and plants, and it produces a far more environmentally friendly product than the alternative – an artificial Christmas Tree.

In addition, the growing and harvesting of Christmas Trees actually helps reduce the carbon content of our atmosphere. A field of young, fast-growing trees pulls much more carbon out of the atmosphere than older, mature trees. And finally, of course, real Christmas Trees are 100% recyclable! Thank you for choosing a real tree!