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Christmas Barn

Come On In, Warm Up, Browse & Enjoy

Once you select your tree, either from the field or from the pre-cut display, come inside the Christmas Barn to pay for it. While inside, you can sit on our big benches to warm up in front of the stove, enjoy a free cup of hot mulled cider, and look through what’s offered in the barn.

For The Tree

Custom Commemorative Ornament
Diane and Ernie Balch live right down the road in Malta. Every Christmas season they craft a unique Boulder Brook Farm ornament for your tree. Start your collection!

Tree Stands
Your tree needs to be well-supported and well-watered. We stock two sizes of tree stands to make sure you’re properly equipped to set up and care for your tree at home.

Santa’s Magic Water Spout
The keys to a long-lasting indoor tree are getting it fresh and keeping it watered. This little funnel system makes it easy to monitor and replenish the water supply in your stand.

For Gifts

Wild Honey
Our beekeeper George Howe keeps his hives right here on the Farm, just across the pond from the barn. Honey can’t get more local than that – and his is delicious.

Maple Syrup
Bruce Carpenter taps his own trees up by Lake Luzerne. He brings us fresh syrup, when he’s not tending to his own crop of Christmas trees.

Balsam Pillows
Gladys Graser lives on Lake George, and has been making balsam pillows for as long as she can remember. What else in the world smells like Christmas all year?

Goat Milk Soap
Annelise Wood keeps her own goats at the family farm outside Schuylerville. Each bar is 4 ounces of natural softness. So good for your skin in so many ways!

For Decorations

Wreaths & Greens
Our fresh wreaths are on the display rack just outside the Christmas Barn. Pick out a size you like for your front door – or to give to a friend! And – also available in front of the Barn – you’ll find fresh branches trimmed from the trees, that we call “Bundles of Greens”. You can buy some of these to make your own decorations at home!

Just for Fun…

While you’re in the barn warming up, sipping cider, and shopping, take a look at our collection of antique children’s sleds. Offer the kids even more insight into history, by showing them our display of ice harvesting tools. This old-fashioned practice used to be a big deal right here on Saratoga Lake!