NEW - Firewood by the Bag

The light and warmth of a good fire brings people together!
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Seasoned hardwood at our self-service stand

Now you can get a bag of firewood, harvested and seasoned right at the farm. Our firewood is just the right thing for warming up a social event with family or friends; whether in your backyard fire-pit, or your living room fireplace.

  • Each bag holds a full cubic foot of split firewood; enough for hours of burning.
  • Wood is all native hardwoods; seasoned more than two full years.
  • The mesh drawstring bag makes sure the wood stays exposed to the air and dry.
  • $10 per bag is the total price. There is no change at the self-service stand, so make sure to bring paper bills in the right denominations.
  • Our firewood stand is at the top of the driveway, directly in front of the barn, and open every day of the year. It’s completely self-service, so we ask that you come during daylight hours.

At Boulder Brook Farm, firewood is selective-harvested from our carefully managed forest, which makes up about half the farm. We do all the work by hand, using no logging machinery. We only fell trees that are dead or dying, often due to storm damage or overcrowding. They’re cut into average 16 inch lengths, split as needed, then stacked and seasoned for at least two years. We offer you the best – a mix of slow-burning native hardwoods; mostly cherry, maple and ash.