All Christmas trees we have for the 2022 season are now reserved.
The website is not accepting any more reservations.

Even if you don’t have a tree reserved,
You are still welcome to come visit our Christmas Barn gift shop
Until we close at 4:00 pm Sunday November 27.

Merry Christmas!
Come visit us again next year!

Our Trees

Saratoga’s Best Cut-Your-Own Christmas Tree Farm

Pull on your boots and mittens and step out into our Christmas Tree field in search of the tree that’s just right for you! Thinner or wider, darker or lighter; we encourage you to simply look for the tree you like, regardless of its variety.  “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!”

You can choose from several varieties of trees on the Farm. This year, the trees we have ready for cutting are Fraser Fir and Canaan Fir.  In future seasons, we will offer White (‘Concolor’) Fir, Korean Fir, Nordmann Fir, Norway Spruce, and White Spruce.

You will notice that our tree varieties are mixed throughout the field. As our soil composition varies across the field, we have matched tree varieties with their most compatible soils, creating an abundant tapestry of healthy trees.


Choose & Cut  – All One Price

We like to keep things simple.  All our cut your own Christmas Trees in the field are offered at one price – $80, which includes tax. Regardless of tree size, shape, or type; the price is the same. You will find many different trees to choose from, especially in the most popular 6 to 7 foot size. This year, we have lots of 8 to 9 foot trees as well. We also have shorter “Elf Trees”, for just $25 each.

Pre-Cut Freshness

We also have pre-cut trees on display outside the Christmas Barn, grown right here in Saratoga County. Just like the trees from the field, all pre-cut trees are offered at one price – $80 which includes tax. These are in the 8-10 foot size, and our crew will gladly trim one down to any shorter height you might want.


Caring for Your Tree – A Checklist

Over half the weight of your fresh Christmas Tree is water – keep it hydrated! With proper care, you can keep the needles fresh and green for several weeks.

  • Get your tree in water right away when you get it home. It’s best to do this within an hour or two of leaving the Farm – even if that just means setting it in a pail of water outdoors.
  • If you’re not going to set up your tree right away, keep it in a place sheltered from the wind and sun, such as a porch or garage.
  • Don’t bruise the cut end of the trunk or get it dirty. If that happens, cut off a fresh half-inch or so before setting it up indoors.
  • When you do set up your tree indoors, display it in a stand with a water reservoir, and keep that reservoir full.
  • Use a stand with enough water holding capacity for your tree. A stand should hold about a quart of water per inch of trunk diameter. (To help with this, we offer such tree stands for sale in the Christmas Barn.)
  • Use a stand that fits your tree; avoid shaving the sides of the trunk to fit the stand. Your tree needs those outer layers of wood to drink up water.
  • Keep your tree away from sources of direct heat such as a fireplace, heat vent, or sunlight; they speed up the natural drying process.
  • Check daily to make sure the water level in the stand stays well above the cut end of your tree. (To help with this, we offer “Santa’s Magic Water Spout” for sale in the Christmas Barn.)
  • Use tree lights that produce low heat; such as miniature lights.
  • Turn off tree lights when leaving the house or going to bed; they present drying heat.
  • Lowering the room temperature at night will slow the natural drying process.