All Christmas trees we have for the 2022 season are now reserved.
The website is not accepting any more reservations.

Even if you don’t have a tree reserved,
You are still welcome to come visit our Christmas Barn gift shop
Until we close at 4:00 pm Sunday November 27.

Merry Christmas!
Come visit us again next year!


  • Do we need to make a reservation to come to the farm?

Yes. To provide a relaxed, fun experience for everyone, we limit the number of visitors at any one time. Making a reservation is easy – just go to the “Reservations” page. If you arrive without a reservation, there’s a good chance we won’t have room for you at that moment.
– And when you reserve a time for your family, you can reserve a tree at the same time!


  • Do we cut our own tree – or do you have trees already cut for us?

Either way! Most of our visitors come for the experience of cutting a tree from the field, but others prefer to select one of our fresh-cut trees from the rack outside the Christmas Barn.


  • Do we need to bring our own saw to cut down a tree?

We lend you one of our bow saws. You can bring your own hand saw if you like, but insurance rules prohibit our visitors from using power saws at the Farm.


  • How will we get our tree in from the field?

We offer the use of one of our sleds.  If you’d like help with cutting a tree or bringing it in from the field, we’re happy to – just ask!


  • Will you shake and bale our tree?

Yes. Included in the price of your tree is shaking (to get rid of any dead grass or twigs) and baling with twine (to wrap your tree tightly for the trip home).


  • Do we need to bring rope to tie our tree on the car?

Also included in the price of your tree is car-tying twine, or you can bring your own too. If you’d like help tying on, we’re happy to – just ask!

For more information on how to tie your tree on your car click here


  • Do you have restrooms at the Farm?

Yes, we maintain a portable toilet on the north side of the Christmas Barn.


  • What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and major credit & debit cards, but not personal checks.  Please note NYS sales tax has already been included in the prices on all items.


  • Can we bring our dogs?

Unfortunately, no. To ensure a safe, calm, and sanitary environment for all our guests, we ask that you leave your dog at home.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


For more information on staying safe at a working farm click here