- Reservation System Now Open! -
Please go to the pull-down menu “Reservations” to reserve your date.
Christmas will be here before we know it!

We plan to be open for the three days after Thanksgiving.
After that, we’ll be sold out of our sustainable annual harvest.
Limited number of trees; limited number of parking spots.
So – whether you want to cut your own, bring home a pre-cut tree,
or just visit the gift shop in the barn, you’ll need a reservation.

Professional Photographer Waivers and Policies

  • LIABILITY WAIVERS: Use of Boulder Brook Farm LLC’s premises is at the Photographer’s risk. The Photographer agrees that Boulder Brook Farm LLC will not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage, injury or loss to the Photographer, his/her agents or possessions while on the premises.

    CONDUCT POLICIES: The Photographer agrees to adhere to all policies and procedures as specified in “Photographer Site Use Terms & Conditions”. The Photographer shall not interfere in any way with the activities of owners, representatives, associates, employees, guests, and tenants of Boulder Brook Farm LLC. The Photographer is solely responsible for the conduct and welfare of all persons in his/her party while on Boulder Brook Farm LLC premises. The Photographer agrees that a Boulder Brook Farm, LLC representative may be present at any time, and that no photographs taken by the Photographer shall have any inappropriate content involving nudity, vulgarity, or offensive behavior. If the representative becomes aware of any such inappropriate content, or any dangerous, illegal, or negligent activities, the representative reserves the right to stop the photography session and require the Photographer and his/her party to leave the premises immediately. In such a case, no fee refund will be given.

    I agree to the waivers and policies above.