All Christmas trees we have for the 2022 season are now reserved.
The website is not accepting any more reservations.

Even if you don’t have a tree reserved,
You are still welcome to come visit our Christmas Barn gift shop
Until we close at 4:00 pm Sunday November 27.

Merry Christmas!
Come visit us again next year!

Photographer Site Use Terms & Conditions

  • Boulder Brook Farm is a working farm. For your safety and ours, we need to know where you are and when, and what you are doing. We also need to protect our farm and its resources. The beautiful landscape, fertile fields, and historic buildings you see are the result of over 200 years’ hard work and commitments. Please join us in keeping our farm healthy, productive, and beautiful for future generations.

    Covid-19 Update

    Outdoor photography is an activity ‘inherently safe’ from viruses, because of the natural, moving air. Nevertheless, we all want to reduce any risk as much as possible. Therefore, we suggest that, before your appointment, you and your clients discuss what your mutual comfort levels will be with the protocols of masks, handshakes, and social distancing.

    Policies for Shooting Photography at Our Farm

    • The photographer must check in with the farm representative in person before his/her clients arrive.
    • Vehicles must be parked in the parking lot only, and not be driven anywhere on the farm.
    • Pets of any kind are not allowed on the farm.
    • Tractors, trucks, tools, and other working farm equipment will be on site, and can be dangerous. Do not climb, sit on, or touch any equipment.
    • Our hand-hewn timber frame Christmas Barn is over 200 years old! Please do not kick, scratch, pin, nail, or damage its antique wood in any way.
    • Our stone walls were not designed to take human weight; any activity will make them fall apart. Please do not climb, walk, or sit on them.
    • Our core business is growing and cultivating Christmas Trees. Please do not injure any of our trees.
    • Our entire farm is a nature preserve. Please do not dig, bend, or break any plants. Do not chase, catch, or harass any wildlife.
    • You may bring props that can be carried by hand. Larger props must be approved prior to arrival. Any props must be removed at the end of a session.
    • A reservation must be made at least three days in advance.
    • A reservation must be fully paid for in advance.
    • Any changes to a reservation must be agreed to by email at least 24 hours before the appointment time.
    • A fully paid reservation may be cancelled by email any time up to 24 hours before the scheduled session starts and be fully refunded. A cancellation within 24 hours or a ‘no show’ will not be refunded.
    • We expect all photographers to be professional and carry insurance for their business.
    • The photographer will credit the location of all photographs which they publish using Facebook, Instagram, website, blog, or any form of social media, as “Boulder Brook Farm, Malta NY”.
    • Boulder Brook Farm reserves the right to cancel any current and/or future appointments if a photographer or their client is in violation of any of our policies.

    I agree to the above terms and conditions:

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