- Reservation System Now Open! -
Please go to the pull-down menu “Reservations” to reserve your date.
Christmas will be here before we know it!

We plan to be open for the three days after Thanksgiving.
After that, we’ll be sold out of our sustainable annual harvest.
Limited number of trees; limited number of parking spots.
So – whether you want to cut your own, bring home a pre-cut tree,
or just visit the gift shop in the barn, you’ll need a reservation.

Photography Appointment

Please Help Us Make Reservations Work for All

  • When you reserve a time, you reserve a tree (if you want one).
  • A reservation is generally about an hour.
  • One reservation per customer.
  • One tree per customer.
  • If you can’t come at your reserved time, please go back into the “Reservations” website
    page to change or cancel, at least 24 hours ahead.
  • Check our Facebook page for up-to-date announcements about things like inclement
    weather and trees still available.

Thank you!

Inclement Weather

If the weather turns too ‘wintery’, we may need to close temporarily for plowing. If we do suspend visits to the farm, and you have a reservation for that day, we will email you about 24 hours in advance. But don’t worry – we’ll open for more days after the storm to accommodate everyone. Our email will ask you to just go into the website and make a new reservation.